New members of the family

After a steep learning curve on all things sunscreen we wanted Skinnies to be completely different from ALL the other sunscreens that are diluted with 50-70% water. 

As an environmental engineer and closet greenie I personally wanted Skinnies to be efficient, effective and environmentally conscious. Also as an avid sunscreen user since my early teens I also wanted it to be a nice experience. One way we could really deliver on this was by "taking the water out" leaving just "ingredients".

We worked with some amazing professional scientists who helped develop our non white, non greasy, waterless gel based sunscreen. It glided on, dried in 2 minutes and had great substantivity (meaning it sticks on the top of your skin really well). The secret: a soft, spreadable, non comedogenic organogel. 

To my great delight (and surprise) when I first put the invisible gel through its paces, not only was it extremely efficient but highly effective. I could barely feel it and thought "how could this possibly work?" but it did! Wow!

This was truly a revolutionary sunscreen experience and now we needed some magic wrapped around the outside to set Skinnies apart from the crowded sunscreen shelf.

Olly set to work with an extremely talented New Zealand couple, the Fullers, who made sure the outer design reflected Skinnies as, not-your-normal sunscreen.

Stephen illustrated the Skinnies ribbon to reflect "a little goes a long way" while Di worked on a colour palette and design that would completely distinguish Skinnies from every other sunscreen on the shelf. Hershey's chocolate sauce anyone!?

...and what an achievement to receive our first market ready tubes of Skinnies and making our first sale through our online store!

We also welcomed an arrival of a different sort. Our first little girl 😍