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Our Story

It all started back in 2010 Designed in New Zealand by Martha and Olly Van Arts because they wanted to solve the problem of normal white sunscreen, where you slop on so much and reapply it all the time. They wanted something that was better for them & safer for their kids….Skinnies was born!

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Our top 4 actions

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Our driving sustainability goal is to not waste water, by not using water in our products we save over 100,000 litres per year. We also reduce carbon miles with less packaging and lower logistics footprint with smaller packages.

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We are reducing our carbon footprint by moving from plastic tubes to sugar cane packaging that’s sustainable and captures CO2 during the manufacturing process. Ultimately we will recycle these back into our process closing the loop.

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We work with suppliers to use ingredients with minimal aquatic toxicity considering our biodegradation impact in water ways. Ideally we’d conduct our own research but we’re not quite big enough for that yet.

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At Skinnies HQ we use sustainably sourced electricity, we use recycled paper, we file digitally, don’t use air conditioning and use keep cups for our coffee. We drive a hybrid and Martha regularly extols the virtues of being vegan.


Do less. Shine more.

Is what Skinnies way of life is all about! Our philosophy is to embrace the sunshine, as sunshine is correlated with happiness, positivity and healthiness. So, we’ve developed the world’s first waterless gel that’s like a concentrate, so you can make the most of the sunshine for longer.

Supercharge life through simplicity using less sunscreen and gain more outside adventure time and valuable relaxation.


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Thin emulsion sunscreens penetrate the dermal layer, absorbing and limiting UV coverage.

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Skinnies Organogel™ protection sits on top of the skin & protects against full broad-spectrum UV

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Thick zinc based sunscreens require heaped application for adequate UV protection whitening skin and reducing skin feel.

The Magic Inside the Tube

Skinnies Organogel™ forms a thin layer on top of the skin holding the UV actives in place. Unlike water-based sunscreens, there is no evaporation (or dry down), so with Skinnies the actives yield is higher

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Skinnies products are made to comply with sunscreen standards around the world namely USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Our products are independently tested by a certified and reputable third party testing facility.